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For 25 years Al Jones is in Germany and in Europe, the measure of all things when it comes to R & B. With all the great Al Jones, the band collaborated &: BB King, Johnny Winter, Champion Jack Dupree, Willie Mabon, Tommy Tucker, Louisiana Red, concerts, tours and festivals. The American trade newspaper 'Livin' Blues' has AL JONES and his band years ago already confirmed that the United States is nothing like it outside. Al Jones is definitely a top act in terms of R & B.
al jones blues band
Where is the band leader shuns increasingly, on terms to define his music. "There are too many misunderstandings," he says. Too many misunderstandings about terms such as 'Blues' for example. To the nature of the twelve bars and three chords. Al Jones: "is not a matter of course bars and chords. It is, as always in the music to grades for which there are no words." The groove of the band, one sound that hits you to the core, the line of text that explains everything, say what you always wanted ... What is certain is that it basically does not matter whether one calls a spade a spade. Al Jones calls it R & B, Blues, he also calls it, because its roots, the first impetus of this music lie. Because the underlying feeling blues music is his. This does not prevent him, and more and more of his models and expectations in his music to solve again and again. This does not prevent him, surprisingly different material to write new and old experiences with new influences mix. Nervous, powerful, weighty. The time is ripe for the rough mix of the new Al Jones Band. (Text by Albert Hefele)