Ali Penney

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Ali Penney is a piano player, vocalist and writer based in Sydney, Australia. Her journey in the Blues covers the last fifteen years, playing with renowned bands such as The Hippos, Supro and The Vibrolators. Ali has performed in the Australian touring bands of Andrew ‘Junior Boy’ Jones, Lloyd Jones, and Fiona Boyes. Most recently, Ali has put her own band together, The Money Makers, which features Chris Mawer (bass and vocals), Dave Blanken (guitar) and Joel Sutton (drums). Ali has also recorded her debut album 'Temptation', and has hit the road, bringing her own brand of good-time boogie and blues to appreciative audiences across the land down under.
Ali Penney

Ali Penney: piano, vocals
Chris Mawer: guitars
Joel Sutton: drums
Dave Blanken: guitar

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