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Hank Shizzoe was born smack dab in the middle of Europe in 1966. One day he found a guitar and learned how to play it. After some time words came to his mind so he decided to sing them. Simultaneously. He now owns several guitars. That is why he has also written a lot of songs. Together with his band he played these songs in more than 750 concerts for lots of people in Europe and the US. Since 1994 he has released eight studio albums and two live sets. Hank Shizzoe lives in Berne. He likes cats, mountains, pasta, motorcycles, the sea, deserts, the jungle, polite and impudent human beings and all kinds of sweets.

After six outstanding releases for CrossCut Records Hank Shizzoe & The Directors hooked up with Blue Rose Records in 2007 and released the widely acclaimed album "Headlines." During the following tour they recorded "Live In Motown" in Stuttgart, Germany. The title pays tribute to the city's main industry. What you get with this 2CD plus DVD release is one entire show in fine audio and movie quality. No overdubs, no tinkering, no nothing. Just honest handmade music by a fantastic four piece outfit, all live, all real. Rolling Stone magazine writes: «Those who care about these things have been knowing for a long time that Hank Shizzoe is the best roots-rock songwriter and guitar player who‘s not hailing from the US. And that he would still be one of the best even if he came from the Promised Land.»