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Lonnie DoneganLonnie Donegan (guitar, banjo & vocals), Van Morrison (vocals), Gerry Conway (drums), Alan Sticky Wicket (percussion), Nick Payne (harmonica), Jaqui McShee (harmonica), Brian Hodgson (bass), John Ward (bass), Vic Pitt (guitar & bass), Paul Henry (guitar), Albert Lee (guitar & keyboards), Paul Slaughter (guitar), Rufus Thibodeaux (fiddle), Joel Le Sonier (accordéon), Jerry Allison (drums), Paco Javier Jimeno (guitar), Paul Lincoln (keyboards), Chris Barber (bass & vocals), Gary Booker (organ), Sam Brown (vocals), Sonia Jones (vocals), Margot Buchanan (vocals), Paul Kennerley (vocals), Eden Sarstedt (vocals), Kane Sarstedt (vocals), Peter Sarstedt (vocals) ...
Lonnie Donegan
Lonnie Donegan (Anthony James Donegan, 1931-2002) was a skiffle (skiffle is a type of folk music with a jazz and blues influence) musician, with more than 20 UK Top 30 hits to his name. He is known as the 'King of Skiffle' and is often cited as a large influence on the generation of British musicians who became famous in the 1960s (The Beatles & The Rolling Stones, among others).

Muleskinner Blues, was his first studio album in over 20 years, it features new versions of his classics 'RockIsland Line', 'I'm Alabammy Bound' & 'Muleskinner Blues' alongside beautifully crafted new compositions. Guests include Van Morrison, Albert Lee, Sam Brown, Chris Barber, Jerry Allison and Jaqui McShee.