Mauricio Pedrosa

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Already well known in the blues scene in Sao Paulo, Mauricio Pedrosa, Marco Guto and Victor Busquets come into play with Blues Trio Mauricio Pedrosa. Victor Busquets, which also features Zone Blues, Robson Fernandes Blues Band, the Comparsas Nogueira, among others, is considered one of the best drummers in the genre. His academic background coupled with the true spirit of the Blues, resulting in a unique style and great personality. Guto Marco, founder and bassist of the band Blues Sao Paulo area, contributes to its precision and rhythmic melodic style to create a strong link between the keyboard and battery. Mauricio Pedrosa, keyboardist, composer, arranger and producer, who has performed at the Festival International de Jazz de Montreal and toured with Rita Lee, Walter Franco, J. J. Jackson, Lil 'Ray Neal, Charlie Love, Tom Hunter, among others, has in his shows, classic blues, New Orleans, Boogie-Woogie, Blues and some jazz compositions.
Mauricio Pedrosa
In his first CD, "Jazz Blues Fusion", as its name implies, there is a predominance of Jazz Blues based sound of the Hammond organ. In his second CD, "Piano Blues", the tracks are all performed on acoustic piano and the repertoire includes traditional Blues, shuffle, slow blues, boogie-woogie and New Orleans.

Mauricio Pedrosa: piano
Marco Guto: guitar
Victor Busquets: drum, djembe and percussion

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