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Mitch Golner is a singer/songwriter, guitarist, and drummer of the old school. "Feel So Good Feel So Bad" contains fun R&B revue-style tunes, country-tinged tunes, blues and rock'n'roll - all to fine effect. The band is lively and fun, a little loose in places, but having a ball nonetheless. Golner can sound like several different singers. For example, on the title track, he sings loud, confident, and brash, whilst on the ballad "Everything AboutYou", he sounds sensitive, yearning, plaintive even. Engineers Jonathan Campbell and Ollie Gordon have done a great job, and Golner's own uncluttered production gives the tracks breathing space behind the vocals. The band basically revolves around the leader (vocals, guitars, & drums) with sax, bass and keyboards, plus the odd guest bassist and drummer. It is a simple, enjoyable, charismatic album. Mitch Golner, who also works in many other formats within the industry, is onto a winner. Order a J.D., turn up the volume, and enjoy!

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