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Morblus Funky Blues BandConsidered to be the most overwhelming and explosive funky Blues Band of Europe, Morblus Funky Blues Band is a real “Fun Machine” that warms up the public with its extraordinary sound soaked with Funk, Blues, Rythm’n’Blues and Soul. Morblues is an authentic live band, without doubt the most American among the European Funky Blues Band gifted with an irrepressive energy that cannot but transmit during its concerts.

The best introduction for Morblus is its bursting impact on the stage, the immense adrenalinic charge that flows onto the public, never compromising the high technical level of the band. Since the beginning Morblus has searched for a technical merging with the funky, R&B horns section called Boomer Horns, even exploiting occasionally the groove of a talented harpist.

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