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All artists are a direct product of their influences. Such is the case with guitarist, singer, songwriter Robbie Ducey. Growing up in the same hometown as the Godfather of Soul, it was only natural that Ducey was exposed to some of the heavyweights of the rhythm and blues and soul music scene of the 60's such as Otis Redding, Curtis Mayfield, Albert King, and of course James Brown. The 'British Invasion' of the late 60's and early 70's brought more influences such as Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Robin Trower, and Jeff Beck, all of which can be heard in Robbie's guitar style.

It is rare when an artist can infuse the elements of Rock, Soul, Funk, and Blues into their song writing and playing style, and create a truly unique sound of their own. Robbie has managed to do this while staying true to his roots, but always pushing the envelope. His guitar playing style is old school-in your face 70's bluesy rock with a sprinkling of soul and funk. His sound and tone are every guitar players dream.

His vocal style is soulful, gritty, sensual, and direct, all of which draw the listener in to the song and lyric content.

With Mark Wright on Bass Guitar and vocals, and Jim 'the mind' Bender on drums, the band is rockin' hard as ever. Currently touring in support of their latest release "Judgment Day", this band keeps the dream alive, and delivers on what counts the most--great music and great performance.

Robbie Ducey The next group of pics are from our July 4th performance in Highlands, N. Carolina at the 'Highlands Smokehouse'.