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Rusty de la croix has no time to waste on blues. Itís gotta be low, itís gotta be down, and itís gotta be dirty. Nothing less will do. Rusty has travelled the world living by this philosophy.

The Gang:
Rusty De La Croix - Guitar/Vocals: Rusty De La Croix was born to two short order cooks at the world famous Keyhole Creole in Shreveport. Their specialty was Rustyís Busty Crawfish Bisque. Rusty knows his way around the beaches of Mexico.

Tobias Al Denay - Rhodes/Trombone: Tobias Al Denay was born during the greatest trombone solo of all time. He spent the last 10 years on the back roads of high Sierras in search of the perfect Rhodes piano. They found each other in a British pub on a stormy friday night. Tobias thinks that the "blue note" should go back to being called the "worried note".

Bernard St. James Lafayette - Drums: Bernard St. James Lafayette was fully formed on the bayous of Mississippi and Louisiana. Says he once threw dice with Skip James.

Crockett Fontaine - Guitar: Crockett Fontaine is the son of an American welterweight wrestling champ and a French chanteuse named Koukla. He enjoys rare steaks and late night games of strip poker with Lucky Rivers.

San Andreas - Lead Guitar: The legend of San Andreas aka The Great Dane goes back centuries. There are claims that he has played gigs on 3 separate continents within the same hour. He finds the key of C# distasteful.

Joel Bunn - Bass: Joel Bunn keeps a sack of trail dust from the Mason Dixon line in his back pocket at all times. He favors the lower strings on the bass guitar and has been known to rattle the basements of 3rd street blues bars.

Nolando - Lead Guitar: It has been said that the strings on Nolando's guitar refuse to break as long as he promises to keep playing them. He favors the slow blues songs and plays slide with the neck of a whiskey bottle that Howlin Wolf drank.

rusty da lacroix

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