Soaked Lamb

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The Soaked Lamb is a band of roots music with strong influences of pre-warblues and jazz. The band was formed in 2006 and it's composed of six members. Miguel Lima plays reco-reco, that idiophone instrument that sounds great due to the friction of a small stick on a piece of bamboo. He also plays an actual musical instrument: drums. Vasco Condessa plays every key of the piano. Gito is responsible for the lower notes. He's able to play upright bass like any other good performer, but with less strings. Both Gito and Vasco spend their days, when they are not playing, working in advertisings a consuming hobby. Afonso Cruz is­ a director and illustrator that brews his own beer He­ plays guitar, blues harp, ukulele and banjo. He also sings and writes the lyrics and songs. Sometimes he wears a mustache, sometimes he doesn't. The main vocals are the responsibility of Mariana Lima, one of the most feminine members of the band. Her voice brings memories over seventy years old and lyrics often written in iambic pentameters (or so). TiagoAlbuquerque plays sax, clarinet, guitar and concertina, and because his days are longer, he also illustrates and directs animation movies. He uses --like all the other members of the band, except for one -- a hat.
The first CD was recorded on Sundays, calmly during a whole year. During the sessions a typical Portuguese recipe of soaked lamb was served, hence the name of the band. If you listen carefully, you can actually notice the songs recorded with a breath scent of cumin, wine and mint.

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