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Somebody Wrong Bluesband
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Somebody Wrong BluesbandOctober 1983: The Coronation Hall of Aachen Town Hall, the 100-year anniversary of the launch of the phone in Aachen is celebrated. In March of the same year came together a group of music-loving students, to shake up the
Aachen blues scene. From the loose band project long been a musical institution in the Aachen region has become: the Somebody Wrong Bluesband.

They are currently:

Christine Isensee, Vocals: Born in 1969, hears the next Somebody Wrong Bluesband like jazz, pop and classical music and appreciates Holly Cole, Björk. Mothers Finest, Keb Mo and Smashing Pumpkins - to name a few ... Their first LP? "Embarrassing for adding to," said the strong-voiced singer. Still, the first single t Blondie's "The Tide Is High" was. We come next to the musical to the other pleasures of life: mineral water as their favorite drink? Okay, this chicken and pasta, the grand finale chocolate. It's that simple

Albrecht Peltzer, Guitar: Born in 1957, especially appreciates handmade music without electronic gadgets, travels Eric Clapton - if allowed by the budget and the time - almost world behind, listening beside especially Allman Brothers, Grateful Dead and everything Jam this band is active around. The first single was - honest! - "Hold Tight" by Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich. The record collection was later expanded to include other  fortunately styles.

Alex Wilde, guitar and vocals: Born in 1956 hears music in his own words "querbeet" - except pop and operetta! He especially appreciates the musicians who put taste before technology and also the purchase of his first LP
certainly proven taste: Sgt Pepper by the Beatles. A favorite pet Alex has also: Rabbit - best in sauce and a drink that makes intense pleasure at slightly dizzy, but not sore throat - and in addition to the musical we know then
the culinary preferences.

Jochen Stark, bass and vocals: Senior of the young team. Born when Leo Fender introduced the Telecaster to the market. For the few that it does not click: in 1951. And since Jochen has a similar taste in music as Alex, was his
first album just a Beatles-wheel - the white album. Red wine and Thai food the kitchen favorites, house fly and dust mites are the favorite pets.

Martin Peltzer, Keyboards: Born in 1952, Dave Greenslade, Chick Corea and Gregg Allman are his musical idols. But on his first LP gave guitar, bass and drums set the tone: Fresh Cream. On a favorite dish can be defined Martin not enough it needs to be - in the crowd. To a glass (or more) grape juice with a later dizziness - and the menu is complete. Nerves do our keys only one man: broken cable - and other technical pitfalls before the show.

Chris Andrae, Drums: Born in 1962, he sets the rhythm, but bring calm, it can be rare. And he is the third member of the SC, which started with the Beatles into the musical life. Chris always know which cable belongs where and
how much Hall needs the singer - even if she disagrees. As a reward, the band served Stracciatella or Sachertorte - which also the culinary preferences are mentioned.

The Somebody Wrong Bluesband quickly made a name and played among other things, the opening act for Chris Farlowe, Long John Baldry, Mitch Ryder and the summer of 2004 as a support Actfür Manfred ann'sEarthbandbeim
KatschhofOpen-Air in Aachen. Regular guest on the Somebody Wrong Bluesband at Aachen City Festival, Eschweiler and Aachen Culture Summer Music Festival.

Since 1991, the annual "Blue Night in Jakobshof" (with Somebody Wrong) is a highlight of the Aachen concert calendar with always a full house.

In 1993 the band recorded their first CD, recorded live in concert in Aachen Malteserkeller and Jakobshof. In 2002, the acclaimed second album ("Just Live") followed on the label of the famous Aachen luxaries jazz musician Heribert Leuchter, also a concert mid-section from the Jakobshof.

Based on the classic blues of BB King and Muddy Waters or the style of the band in recent years has always evolving. Blues is the foundation, but elements of swing, rock & roll, rhythm & blues and rock jam lead to a highly varied

Is the entire set of Somebody Wrong Bluesband comes in two versions: full electric or discreetly unplugged or both in a mixed set-la-carte or location.

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