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Son Henry

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Boundless energy and enthusiasm, an explosive front man, a great songwriter and an endless repertoire of blues standards. Son Henry has been called a virtuoso on the Guitar and Blues Harp and an electrifying performer for years. But it is his lap steel playing, however, that earned him the title of "legendary guitarist" by Music Journalist Mark Dudick. He takes an instrument normally used to play Hawaiian music or old western swing and turns it into something else; a powerfully expressive blues instrument that screams, cries and brings audience after audience to their feet. We think Radio Enigma in Canada said it best:

The Son Henry Band is the best blues band in the world right now; Son himself is a master trailblazer in some of the dirtiest, skankiest, holiest hot rod of a lap-steel guitar anyone has a right to hear.

What is it that makes this guy tick? Well, here's what you need to know.

It was a chance to see BB King at the ripe old age of 12 that got him hooked blues. Add to that the good old days of real radio, where when the weather conditions were right you could get WLAC and a host of other blues radio stations on the AM radio from Chicago and New Orleans. By 13 he was hiding his guitar in the bushes, breaking curfew and sneaking into blues clubs all over New York. There was a short stint riding trains living the life of a blues guy and hitch-hiking to Woodstock (he almost made it too). Add to that something like (cough, cough) many years of playing blues in seedy bars all over the world, and he's mastered the craft; fusing blues and country blues and a punk attitude. It all works as some odd but entertaining and very danceable gumbo.


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Bass player and gear junkie Dino has been with the band for almost 5 years now, and we're not sure where he came from or if he really has a last name. We do know that there must be something to the story that's either too colorful or sordid for print because he keeps his past so closely guarded you'd think it was covered by the official secrets act. No matter, he's a damn good bass player...

Duncan Stewart

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Duncan "drummerboy" Stewart started playing drums when he was 5 and by the age of 13 was performing regularly around the local blues and jazz clubs near where he grew up. As a child, music was always in the family with his dad being a keen guitarist. His influences range from the classic British rock bands of the 60s and 70s such as Led Zeppelin, to American Jazz artists such as Buddy Rich.

Dave Hair

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A Multi-instrumentalist (all kinds of saxophones, blues harp and probably a few others) Dave has been an integral part of the Scottish Blues Scene for a long time. With diverse influences like Ben Webster, Gerry Mulligan, Eddie Shaw, Yank Rachell and Sonny Terry, Dave has been a driving force in bands like Souled Asylum. In 1996 he formed "The Bottleneck Blues Band"(5 piece) which became one of the most prominent blues bands in central Scotland at the time. He's done session work for several bands including "Strawberry" whose song "Flavor of the Month" was the most downloaded track from "Rolling Stone" in the US for one month during 1997- probably because of the horn parts that Dave Wrote and arranged! We heard he was available in 2009 after leaving 'Soul Funkin Hot' and their loss is our gain, because his baritone sax playing gives the band that big fat bottom end that drives dancers wild.

Chris Hair

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A recovering child prodigy, Chris was a fixture in various soul and blues bands in the north east on the Tenor Sax, including Aberdeen Soul Bands 'Soul Funkin Hot' and 'Souled Asylum'. among others. He's got a strong jazz influence, and a particularly strong sense for 1940's and 1950's big band blues that helps give the band it's authentic feel.