Walkin' Cane Mark

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Walkin' Cane Mark: Vocals/Harmonica
Kirk Hawley: Guitars & Mandolin
Brenden McBride: Bass
John Rumbaugh: Drums
Gordon Lynde Jr.: Bass on tracks 3, 4 & 6

Walkin’ Cane Mark is a blues shouter, harp player that has the soul of a Gila monster and the voice of a grizzly bear!

“Tryin’ To Make You Understand” is his first new album of studio recordings in almost 12 years and is full of the raw back alley blues Mark is known for. Cane’s mentor and harp teacher Snooky Pryor would say “Walkin Cane Mark is full of fun” and that’s just what this collection of recordings is FUN and certainly FUNKY!
Willie Dixon dubbed Mark, "Walkin' Cane Mark" in 1988 when he was recovering from a crippling car accident. It was also Dixon who first recognized Mark's passion for blues and soul music. Dixon gave Cane “Gravedigger Blues" 
for his first CD. Walkin' Cane Mark was taught his first harmonica licks by renowned band leader R.D. Olson, then went on to refine his technique under the tutelage of Chicago harp legends Snooky Pryor & Junior Wells. 
Today Mark plays in a “Mississippi Saxophone” style much like Snooky Pryor,(starting songs with a honking harmonica into thus directing the backing band in the formation and feel of the song). Mark is known amongst 
other musicians for keeping the Snooky Pryor post World War II harmonica sound alive. Mark is also well known for mixing a Classic "Memphis Soul" sound with his vocal delivery and larger than life stage presence.
Walkin' Cane Mark

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